The Wrong Guys for the Job

The Wrong Guys for the Job is an interactive web comedy where you the viewer gets to decide how each episode ends. Follow Larry and Charlie, two low-level criminals, as they try and work their way up in the world of organized crime.

Brian Dobski – Larry

Brian Dobski – Larry

Proud Midwesterner born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas. Graduated from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Radio/TV/Film before moving to LA in 2008. Brian is a Die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan with a passion for entertainment, making people laugh, and never taking life too seriously! Oh ya and Dobski thinks that the WRONG GUYS F***ING ROCK!!

Ryan Barry McCarthy - Charlie

Ryan Barry McCarthy – Charlie

Ryan Barry McCarthy grew up in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. In Massachusetts Ryan participated in writing, acting and directing short films and sketch comedy shows for the Internet and public access TV. He attended Umass-Amherst for a few months before leaving to pursue a career in acting. He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he hasn’t been taken seriously since his arrival.

Matthew Tibbenham – Executive Producer, Writer, and Director

Matthew Tibbenham – Executive Producer, Writer, and Director

Matthew Tibbenham, who currently resides in Los Angeles, recently worked as Second Unit Director on SINISTER directed by Scott Derrickson. In addition to creating The Wrong Guys, Matthew has many other web series and feature films currently in development. He also directs for the sketch comedy group BrevityTV. To see more of Matthew’s work, check out his personal website

Sutton McKee - Executive Producer, Writer, and Director

Sutton McKee – Executive Producer, Writer, and Director

A Texas native, Sutton McKee moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating from Texas Tech University. With early roots in cinematography and editing, Sutton began his passion for directing and bringing stories to life in unique ways. Sutton is currently working on writing and developing several feature films, along with a new sci-fi web comedy. You can find out more information about Sutton on his personal website.

Bruce Logan, ASC – Director of Photography

Bruce Logan is a cinema hyphenate but best known for cinematography on high profile science fiction movies. He blew up the the “Death Star,” in Star Wars, he was the Director of Photography on “Tron” and second unit director on “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” He is now a specialist in Digital Cameras and image workflows. He was the test administrator on “The Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012” and just made a film for Panasonic to demo their new GH-3 DSLR: Genesis.

Barry Bond – Editor

“I have a passion for creating a mood and developing characters through storytelling. ‘Wrong Guys’ was a blast to work on! I was able to be myself and insert my own sense of humor creativity to the process. I still enjoy watching the series, even after editing it, which doesn’t happen very often. I can’t wait for season 2!” Check him out on IMDB or on his personal website.

Brent McReynolds – Editor

Brent McReynolds received his BFA in Digital Film Production from the Art Institute of Atlanta where he discovered his passion for post production. After relocating to Los Angeles, he has been fully involved with completing projects for Walt Disney, Warner Brothers and Lionsgate. He thoroughly unveils his passion for post production with every project by executing his creativity and understanding for storytelling.

Sierra Scott – Casting Director

Sierra Scott is a Los Angeles based Casting Director and has worked on feature films, commercials, and TV shows for networks such as NBC, Discovery Science Channel, Bravo, and The Food Network.  Most recently, she was the Casting Director for the new Discovery Science Channel Show “This Changes Everything” hosted by James Woods.

Bryan M. Hart – Unit Production Manager and 1st AD

Bryan M. Hart (production manager) Originally from Queens, New York, Bryan is now out in LA trying to organize everything he can get his hands on.

Donny Dykowsky – Composer

Donny Dykowsky is a writer and producer who has scored a number of commercials for marquee brands such as AT&T, Pepsi & Cadillac, TV theme songs like Fox’s “Fashion House” and music for the UFC. He’s the founder of the The Ski Team, which is a boutique music production company in NYC. Presently he’s finishing up the score for the feature film Sanitorium.

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