Mar 12 '13

Season Finale “The Heist” Release

IT IS FINALLY HERE! I cannot believe it, but we have released “The Wrong Guys for the Job’s” season finale, THE HEIST today! This is probably our favorite episode! It has it all. Action, violence, love, Charlie, Larry, a sexy coffee shop girl and much much more.  This is a fantastic episode and we cannot wait for everyone to check it out!

In this episode, Larry and Charlie decide to rob a coffee shop to help build their street cred. After busting in, guns blazing, they realize there is only one person in the entire place. YOU, the viewer, get to decide what happens next.

We have always said, Larry and Charlie were never mean’t to be mobsters. We often describe their decision to be criminals by saying, “it’s as if these two guys watched Tarantino’s, Pulp Fiction and thought, “we could do that.”

This was the first episode we filmed for the season. We had the longest to film this episode, but it was probably our most challenging. We actually had set walls to move around and had to create illusions of rooms that did not really exist inside the tiny coffee shop. It was a fun episode, but was definitely an interesting one to start on.

The opening shot of the episode was actually shot outside of the italian restaurant used in THE SENATOR episode. We needed a street with good practical lighting and ended up running out of time while shooting in the coffee shop. While the crew set up for the first shot of THE SENATOR, Sutton, Matthew and Bruce Logan (DP) ran out to quickly get the shot before the sun came up. Due to having to be quick, Sutton operated the camera and just did the shot hand-held. We were a little curious to see how it would cut together, but it turned out great and worked perfectly.

In one of the endings of THE HEIST we decided to do a little spoof of one of our favorite films, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It is very different from some of the other episodes and endings we had done in the past, but we thought it was the perfect opportunity and too funny to pass up. For all of you who have been deprived of the great film, we apologize for the confusion that I am sure you felt while watching that ending. Ha.

If you have not already, please go back and watch all the episodes and endings leading up to THE HEIST. It all kicks off with the pilot episode, THE KNOCKOUT. We hope everyone has enjoyed the series and will keep spreading the word and sharing “The Wrong Guys for the Job!” We’ll keep everyone posted about the possibility of season two!

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