Feb 27 '13

THE SENATOR (Ep. 3) releases, Charlie’s Vlogs and the upcoming finale!

So… we have several new videos up since THE HOSTAGE. First off, today we have released episode three THE SENATOR! This is super exciting. In The Senator, Larry and Charlie are sent to take out a US Senator unless he agrees to comply with Tony’s (The Boss) proposition to legalize prostitution. When the Senator puts his foot down against the proposition, Larry and Charlie must figure out how to take him out.

This episode was filmed in the West Wood area of Los Angeles at a great little Italian restaurant called, Pomodoro Trattoria. The restaurant was amazing in letting us have free rein and do some really fun shots; including a shot of a Molotov Cocktail bomb. Yeah, that’s right. Molotov Cocktails, guns, Larry and Charlie… what could possibly go wrong? Check it out!

Also uploaded last week were the first two Video Vlogs from Mr. Charlie Lockhart. If you have not checked these out, you must. Charlie () is amazing and so funny. Seeing him in front of his computer talking about his love life and “work” is sure to make you laugh. Watch the first two Dating Vlogs here.

Lastly, last week we premiered the “The Wrong Guys” season finale at the El Cid in Los Angeles. The event was great and a lot of fun. People seemed to really enjoy the episode. We are super pumped to release it in a few weeks and have ALL of season one online! Check out the trailer for THE HEIST episode up now!

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Thanks for watching and enjoy the show!

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