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Mar 12 '13

Season Finale “The Heist” Release

IT IS FINALLY HERE! I cannot believe it, but we have released “The Wrong Guys for the Job’s” season finale, THE HEIST today! This is probably our favorite episode! It has it all. Action, violence, love, Charlie, Larry, a sexy coffee shop girl and much much more.  This is a fantastic episode and we cannot wait [...]

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Feb 7 '13

Watch the Teaser Trailer for The Hostage (Ep. 2) – Premiering Tuesday, February 12th!

In The Hostage, Larry and Charlie must exchange the head Russian mob boss’s daughter, Natalia, for ransom money. After mistaking two Hispanic men for the Russians they’re supposed to meet, things start to get interesting. Full episode premiering Tuesday, February 12th! Check back then. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel now! @WrongGuys – Written [...]

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