Feb 7 '13

Watch the Teaser Trailer for The Hostage (Ep. 2) – Premiering Tuesday, February 12th!

In The Hostage, Larry and Charlie must exchange the head Russian mob boss’s daughter, Natalia, for ransom money. After mistaking two Hispanic men for the Russians they’re supposed to meet, things start to get interesting.

Full episode premiering Tuesday, February 12th! Check back then.

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Written & Directed by Matthew Tibbenham & Sutton McKee
Produced by Mehdi Alavi
Cinematography by Bruce Logan, ASC
Edited by Barry Bond

Brian Dobski as Larry
Ryan Barry McCarthy as Charlie
Andi Mattingly as Natalia
Jose A. Solorio as Hispanic Man #1
Rene Mena as Hispanic Man #2
Denny Torich as Russian Man #1
James J. Gotshaw as Russian Man #2

All Rights Reserved ©2013

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