Jan 22 '13

First Episode of The Wrong Guys for the Job Released – The Knockout!

Synopsis: Larry and Charlie are sent to stakeout a house and follow anyone who leaves. After hours of waiting, Larry’s impatience leads him to take matters into his own hands, blowing their cover and jeopardizing their lives.

We are super excited to release the first episode of “The Wrong Guys for the Job.” We are even more excited that the first episode is The Knockout. The Knockout is where it all began for Larry and Charlie. Back in 2010, when we (Matt and Sutton) were still in Texas, we came up with the idea for Larry and Charlie. With another friend and a tiny crew (like super tiny… I think there were five of us total) we made the original short film, based off one of the endings you will see in The Knockout episode. By the way, I wonder if any of you can guess which ending was the original? You should throw some comments below. If you get it right, I will send you a private link to the original short film. If you get it wrong… well, we’ll just read your comment and go on.

Okay, so after making two short films based on Larry and Charlie’s adventures, we decided these guys could (and should) go on forever. Thus, “The Wrong Guys” web series was born.

Little trivia for you… “The Wrong Guys” was originally written to be shot in New York City. Matt ended up getting hired on the latest Scott Derrickson film, SINISTER, pushing back “The Wrong Guys” shoot to December. Since it is freezing in New York in December, we decided to shoot “The Wrong Guys” out here in LA (where it doesn’t snow). However, it worked out great and enabled us to have a fabulous crew and some amazing people work on the series.

Speaking of fabulous people, I should probably mention… Wait, wait… Let me lead with this… Have you seen TRON? Do you remember where you were sitting, what you were eating, wearing, or doing when you first saw the Death Star explode?… Well the very man who shot and brought those visuals to your screen was Bruce Logan, ASC. Bruce is a fantastic DP and graciously worked long days to help us shoot “The Wrong Guys.” Check out his latest collaboration with Philip Bloom, in the short Genesis. Written and Directed by Bruce.

We hope you enjoy the episode and become a fan of “The Wrong Guys.” Please don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel, and follow us on Twitter. We love to hear your feedback so please leave comments, shoot us emails, and like us on Facebook. Let’s be friends. We would love to use this blog as a learning tool, just as much as an information resource. We plan to release scripts, discuss our writing process, and talk about future episodes and seasons.

Thanks everyone and we hope you fall in love with Larry and Charlie as much as we have!

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