Apr 9 '13

The Knockout Pilot Script and Shot List

When creating “The Wrong Guys” Web site, we really wanted to be very transparent and available as a resource for young filmmakers or people looking to create a web series of their own. We have always encouraged emails and questions, so please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Today we have decided to release “The Wrong Guys” pilot script for people to read and reference to. We hope people can use it as a tool for things to consider (and maybe “not” consider)  doing when writing their series scripts.

The pilot episode of “Wrong Guys” is called, The Knockout. The episode revolves around Larry and Charlie who are sent to stake out a house and follow anyone who leaves. After hours of waiting, Larry’s impatience leads him to take matters into his own hands, blowing their cover and jeopardizing their lives.

The Knockout is one of our favorite episodes, because it is really where it all began for us. Of the short films that we originally made back in Texas, The Knockout was the first. Developing The Knockout from a short film to an interactive web series had it’s challenges. For the most part, the story left itself pretty open for several outcomes/possibilities, but we had a very tight budget and had to keep it pretty simple. Usually in the script writing process, you come up with an outline and talk through several scenarios, ultimately picking the best one for the screenplay. For “Wrong Guys” we needed three solid endings that were equally funny and clever. To do this, we tried to come up with all possible situations Larry and Charlie could get themselves into and go with the strongest three. It is funny because, to us, there was almost always a clear ending that we felt was the strongest. It has been fun to see, after shooting the series, that some of the endings have played better than we expected and has helped us see what our audience enjoys. We have really enjoyed hearing everyones favorite endings and watching the comments made by our online fan base and fellow filmmaking friends.

I have included a downloadable version of “The Knockout” pilot script in this blog for anyone who would like to read it. Whether you are curious what a web series script looks like or maybe you are thinking about beginning to write one of your own, please feel free to use this as a resource.

I hadn’t planned originally on doing this, but I have also included a downloadable version of our shot list for “The Knockout.” For all you film buffs out there, who would like to analyze the episode and break it down based on what to do and not to do, please feel free to check out our process in writing and making out shot lists. We had two days to film “The Knockout,” with one pick up day for the car scenes.

We hope you enjoy the script and as always, leave us comments, questions and check out THE KNOCKOUT episode, if you haven’t seen it already!

Download The Knockout Script

Download The Knockout Shot List


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